About Glenn Henson

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Text: 352.942.8290
Glenn has spent more than 20 years serving in the US Army. How will this assist in the sale or purchase of your home, you might ask? Well, during his service to our country, Glenn never settled and always strived to be the best, attending any and every training available to challenge himself to become a better soldier/leader and to be the best. Glenn makes this same commitment to the sale or purchase of your home. You can always depend on him to be honest, dependable, professional and to give 110% and then some. Selling or buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you can make and other than family, one’s home is normally their most valuable asset. Glenn understands this and will treat you how he would expect to be treated. He will always be available to you, but more importantly, he will be available to those people interested in purchasing your home, day and night, regardless of the day of the week, holiday or not.
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